Advising clients on issues related to safe, habitable and code compliant residential or commercial space requires a detailed knowledge of Vermont's codes and regulations. We are particularly well-suited for this task since we are intimately familiar with the policies and regulatory structure of state agencies that impact Vermont landlords. The quality of this advice is particularly high since, in many instances, we have participated in drafting the legislation, codes and/or regulations that impact residential and commercial landlords in Vermont. We have litigated landlord/tenant cases before judges and juries in every superior court in the state. We have also participated in many of the landmark landlord/tenant cases brought before the Vermont Supreme Court.

Stuart Bennett is the founder of the Vermont Apartment Owners Association, LLC, a statewide trade association representing commercial and residential landlords and currently, Angela Zaikowski is the Director of the Association.

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Being a landlord in Vermont can be a daunting task. Our breadth of knowledge on this subject can be an asset to your rental business.

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