Looking for help?

Evictions are stressful for both the landlord and the tenant. We work to avoid them if at all possible, but when you need help, we are there.

The eviction process in Vermont happens in two-steps. First, a landlord needs to provide the tenant with a termination notice. The second step, the filing of a court eviction action, occurs if the tenant fails to vacate (or “cure the termination notice”).   

We can assist you with the preparation of the termination notice or send the notice on your behalf. This step in the eviction process is critical as termination notices are jurisdictional in Vermont. That means that if your notice does not comply with all the various rules and requirements, your case will be dismissed (i.e., the court will not have jurisdiction to hear your case). Therefore, this step is one of the most critical components to successful eviction action in Vermont.

Given the complexity of the court system, we highly recommend that landlords retain legal counsel to handle their court eviction actions. We provide representation and support for the landlord throughout the court process from the filing of your eviction complaint to receiving final judgment.  Our services also include tenant-requested jury trials, mediation, discovery, rent escrow hearings, and general motions practice.